Ideas of Mixing old with new décor – Part 2

Ideas of Mixing old with new décor – Part 2
  1. Envision and think about your plan for a color palette, furniture selection, adding accessories and other decor items. Give thoughts on how you would like to finish the room. Are you going to change out pieces of old furniture or add one or two new pieces? Are you going to use furniture covers to make old pieces look new, or update space from traditional to modern? Are you completely replacing old furniture with modern or contemporary furniture? Are you going to change out pillows or add some new decor items such as fresh flower vases, lamps, accessories, candle holder? Will you update your sofa or bed to enhance the room? Will you be changing out drapes, repainting or just adding a few decor items to make the space look fresh and inviting?  These are some of the questions you can ask yourself before starting your home décor project.
  2. Make notes, take pictures of space, the room, and existing furniture.
  3. Create a list to help you identify what you want to add or change. The list will help you stay organized. It will also be a great guide to help you with your decorating goals for the space.
  4. When you finally decide on styles, colors, layout, and items you will need, check out our store catalogue (add store link) for a selection of items to update your space. Keep in mind your budget, colors, measurements, item selections, and ideas you may have in mind for your space.

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