Tips on selecting the right furniture for your Space.

Tips on selecting the right furniture for your Space.

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When it comes to choosing furniture, it is important to decide on room selection. For example, if you are considering adding a dining room table and chairs to your breakfast nook, or formal dining areas, think about family size and lifestyle. You may want to add extra chairs to other areas such as around a kitchen counter or other area for extra seating to host guests during large dinner parties.

Think about the Quality, color and style, durability, and functionality of Dining Table. Quality and durability are important in selecting the right dining table set. Think of Materials like wood, metal, glass, chrome, and determine type of material that would most work for your decor and space. Depending on the type of finish, you will be most concerned about the maintenance of the table and chairs. If you have small children you may want to find a dining table set that is easy to wipe and clean, one that is durable to scratches, handprints, smudges. Consider buying a table and chairs that are easy to maintain but will remain durable and long lasting.

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Budget, Size, and Layout are important.

Every new piece of furniture you bring into your home will reduce space, so it is important to consider the size of the dining table set. Proper layout and measurement to help you determine the Length and number of seatings that will leave comfortable room for guests.

It is important to make a budget and decide on how much you want to spend. Budgeting helps to save time when shopping for furniture. Carefully plan your budget.

Write out your plan for the area. Measure and mark off the space area on the floor where you want the new dining table to set. Use tape measure to mark the floor with painter’s tape or masking tape to create an outline. Create a plan and write down the measurements of your outline. This will serve as a template to help you find a set that will fit perfectly into the space.

Color and material style Selection:

Consider your lifestyle and functionality when making decisions on dining room furniture selections. When you have decided on the features and ideal size, it’s time to start thinking about the color. Try to choose solid and or more neutral tones that can easily coordinate with your existing decor. Wood finish is a great choice but depending on the finish, shiny or matte, it is recommended to select the best finish that would minimize fingerprints, smudges, or noticeable scuffs and scratches. A faux marble top, Formica and certain wood finishes can be more affordable for low budgets. These types of finishes can be durable and low maintenance. Selecting dining chairs is also important. Do you want matching chairs, or would you prefer to try a different color, design, bold, or neutral finishes that would best coordinate with your existing space and style?

Consider your lifestyle and functionality when deciding on dining room furniture and chairs selection.

You want durable and comfortable seating for family and guests. Selection of hardwood may be too hard when seating, but if you consider chairs with cushion or padding, those will be more comfortable. Hardwood may be more durable but consider the length of time for family and guests during dinner conversations. You want comfort and style to have your guests mesmerized by your personal style and decor.

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We wish you well!  Have fun with your home decor and rejuvenate your space to bring life and newness into your happy place.

Happy Decorating!

Cheers, Home Invigorate Team

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